By attending our webinar on March 3rd, business’ will gain an understanding of how to develop effective OH&S practices.

Blurb: Occupational Health and Safety legislation has changed significantly over the past year, and it can be a challenge for business’ to successfully meet their obligations. However, by certifying to the ISO 45001 OH&S Standards, business’ will be able to develop a proven successful, methodical approach to work health and safety. Anitech has a free webinar on this topic on the third of March, and by attending business’ will gain first-hand insight into some effective strategies that can be implemented to help them develop a safe, compliant work environment.  

Effective work health and safety practices is a huge concern for business’ across Australia right now, as strong OH&S procedures demonstrate to staff, customers, and regulatory agencies that a business understands two important, interrelated, issues: Firstly, that it recognises that there is a wide range of OH&S rules, regulations, and laws that it has a duty to be aware of, and following on from that, a commitment to effective OH&S practices demonstrates that the business recognises the need to take the necessary steps to ensure it successfully complies with existing legislation. Different states, industries, and business types have distinctive work health and safety standards that they are required to meet, and all business’ have an obligation to understand what policies apply to their organisation, and work at achieving them.

Staying on top of your OH&S obligations can seem like a complicated, cumbersome task, unless it is conducted in a logical, methodical manner. Therefore, it is recommended that business’ develop a systematic approach to meeting their work health and safety requirements, through the implementation of an OH&S Management System, which helps organisations understand the scope of their OH&S requirements, conduct a thorough gap analysis of their existing systems to ascertain where they are at now in relation to OH&S practices and then compare it with their set objectives. Doing this will give business’ a clear idea of what exactly what steps need to be taken to ensure their work health and safety practices meet their workplace obligations.

To help business’ get a better understanding of this process, and make them aware of some of the challenges business’ are currently facing in relation to developing effective OH&S practices across their workplace, Anitech is hosting a free webinar on this topic, on Wednesday, the third of March, at 11am Victorian time. Titled How business’ can get the edge by implementing the ISO 45001 OH&S Standards, it will be hosted by Anita Patturajan, director of Anitech, and the two key speakers will be Anitech’s Integrated Management Systems specialists, Julian and Fadi.

They will be explaining to business’ the many benefits implementation or migration to the new ISO 45001:2018 Standards can bring to their organisation, the key distinctions between these new standards and the older ones that are being phased out, and they will be discussing some of the real-world OH&S challenges that business’ they have worked with have faced, and how successful certification to these standards helped them overcome those difficulties.

What business’ will learn from attending this webinar

Some of the key issues that will be discussed at the webinar include:

  • How the certification process differs for business’, depending on whether they are wholly implementing these standards, or performing a migration to from either OHSAS 18001 or AS/NZS 4801, the previous OH&S standards. The process of certifying to these standards will differ slightly for individual business’, depending on whether they were previously certified to an older standard, or need an entire implementation. Julian and Fadi will explain the key differences between these two processes, what individual business’ can expect from the procedure, and discuss some of their first-hand experiences they have had helping business’ get ISO 45001 certified.
  • The key benefits these new standards offer over the previous ones. They adopt a more holistic approach, and include clauses to help business’ support both the physical and mental wellbeing of staff. They will explain how the wider scope of ISO 45001 means that business’ certified to it are working towards strengthening their entire operations, developing a clear paper trail of their processes, and demonstrating to staff, customers, and regulatory agencies that they take the issue of effective OH&S management seriously.
  • An introductory overview of how the implementation of a Business Management System helps organisations align their daily practices with their long-term business goals. This will be discussed in an accessible, jargon-free manner, so all business’ that attend will be able to learn about what a Business Management System is, how it helps companies achieve their goals, and how its structured, systematic approach works to ensure that everything is running as it should be.
  • An open discussion about some of the current OH&S issues that business’ are facing, and how the ISO 45001 Standards can help them to successfully overcomes these challenges. This will include a ten-minute Q&A session, in which attendees will be able to ask Julian and Fadi any questions they have relating to these standards, such as how they could be applied to their particular business, some of the challenges business’ may face throughout the implementation process and how to overcome them, and so on.

There are a limited number of spots available for this webinar, so anyone interested in attending should book their spot at the earliest convenience. You can do so by following this link Webinar Registration – Zoom.

However, it is recommended that business’ do not delay in finding out how these standards could be tailored to their organisation, to help it achieve its objectives. OH&S legislation has changed a lot over the past year to ensure that business’ are COVID-Safe and that staff are provided with supportive work environments. There are a number of COVID related challenges that business’ may face this year, that they need to stay on top of, and certifying to these standards will help organisations achieve this goal.

If you want to ensure you are meeting your existing obligations, and have effective strategies in place for ensuring your business practices meet changes in legislation, then please give Anitech’s safety consultants a call today on 1300 802 163, for a brief, free-of-charge consultation. Explain to them the specifics of your business, including its industry, size, and type, and some of the OH&S challenges it faces, and they will explain to you how the ISO 45001 Standards could be applied across your organisation to keep it conscientious, compliant, and competitive. Doesn’t that sound like an effective business strategy for 2021?

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